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Shop Update

New Stickers Are Now In Our Shop

Doughnut Stickers - Grey's Posy

Shop update time! We now have some pretty little paper stickers in our shop that are great for your planners and journals, sealing envelopes, scrapbooking, and any other decorative use you can think of! These stickers are not suitable for outdoor use. Each sticker is printed from an original painting.

We have three new sticker bundles to choose from:

Posy Oak Animal Stickers (series 1) - Grey's Posy

Posy Oak Animal Stickers (series 1) - A 12 pack of Posy Oak animal stickers. There are four types of animals in this pack; a stag, a fox, an eastern cottontail rabbit, and a chipmunk. There are three of each animal included in this package.

Doughnut Stickers - Grey's Posy

Doughnut Stickers - One dozen doughnut stickers. There are three varieties of doughnuts in this pack; chocolate glazed with pink sprinkles, strawberry glazed with rainbow sprinkles, and vanilla glazed with chocolate sprinkles. This pack has four of each kind of doughnut.

Peach Stickers - A package of 12 fresh peaches. There are three different peaches in this pack, four of each are included.

You can take a look at these newest additions in our shop.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you like our new stickers!

-- The Grey's Posy Team

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