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Hand Spun + Hand Dyed Yarn

SHOP UPDATE - We're selling yarn now!

Well, we've embarked on another creative endeavor, one that is dear to our hearts. I suppose it's really been the silver lining to the extra time spent at home--more flexibility to realize creative dreams.

It started with the idea of the fun we might have giving hand dyed yarn a try, since we are avid knitters and love all sorts of fiber arts. So as a test, we got our hands on some merino, alpaca, and other woolen yarn. After lots of research and various trials with natural dyes, it definitely seemed doable. It piqued our curiosity and evolved into a need to start from the beginning of the process. From there we learned to spin yarn from different types of roving on a drop spindle. However, it wasn't until a trip to a local yarn shop that we were really bitten by the spinning bug!

There we bought some bags of beautifully hand painted roving. And there in the corner of the little shop stood the most perfect spinning wheel. (The very model that our Toni had been reading up on!) Quality spinning wheels don't come cheap, and as we'd already filled our arms with wool (and emptied our wallets 😅), we walked away dreaming of all the yarn we could produce with the wheel--quickly at that!

Two days later, after chatting excitedly about it almost nonstop, we returned to the yarn shop, and after the purchase, wondered if this wheel could actually fit in the trunk of the car...It did!

And that is the story of how we started spinning our own yarn. 'Why tell me all of this?' you might ask? Well my dears, it means that after a lot of work we've finally got some yarn up for sale! We will be adding more yarn to the shop over the next few days, but take a look at what's available!

This hand spun Wild Violet yarn is a shocking combination of purples, blues, and bright green. This 2 ply yarn is made of soft 100% Merino Wool. The beauty of hand spun yarn is that you get lots of variance in thickness, giving a wonderful texture. This one is particularly knobby! Size 5 Bulky, S twist.

This hand spun Monet Multi yarn is a dreamy combination of pinks, blues, cream, peach, and golden yellow--reminiscent of the lush impressionist oil paintings of Claude Monet. This 2 ply yarn is made of soft 100% Merino Wool. Size 4 Worsted, Z twist.

We cannot wait to get more yarn up and available to you! A peek at what's to come is in the main photo for this post: Pumpkin Cheesecake merino, and some naturals as well!

Now more than ever, it is important to be responsible with your health, and that of others. We hope you are masking up when you're out, and staying safe. ❤

Much love,

- The Grey's Posy Team

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