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Po sy




1. a small bunch of flowers.

synonyms: bouquet, bunch (of flowers), spray, nosegay, corsage; boutonniere

"a posy of snowdrops and violets"

2. a brief sentiment, poem, or legend inscribed within a hand ring.

- About Grey's Posy -

Steeped in family tradition, culture, an insatiable hunger for the arts and a true love for antiquity, Grey’s Posy hopes to deliver quality, timeless pieces which can easily become heirlooms. Our focus is on creating modern items with an old-fashioned charm, and finding inspiration in the often overlooked and the taken for granted.


➼Creative craft ideas, and delicious recipes are all available for free on our blog

➼ You can find block prints and artwork to adorn your spaces

➼ Knits and crocheted décor

➼ Hand embroidered textiles

➼ Various odds and ends

W H A T   D O   W E   O F F E R ?

 - Meet the Creators -

Portrait of a woman with white flowers in her long dark hair smiles as she looks away from the camera

Growing up, art was always an integral part of Keli's life. She started drawing and working on creative projects at a very young age. Her parents never missed an opportunity to frame or display her work. She's always been surrounded by art and culture, especially thanks to her mom (Toni), and grandmother (Jan), with whom she's visited countless museums and art supplies stores. Painting is where her heart is, however, she also enjoys printmaking, embroidery, knitting and crocheting, spinning fiber, studying various styles of dance, and the general alchemy of creating something from nothing. Keli is heavily influenced by classic works and techniques, but she has a predilection for the curious and whimsical, and any self-made method to achieve the desired effect in a piece. Her love of natural elements, history, antiques, and classic literature are constantly providing her with inspiration.


Portrait of a pleasant woman with little white flowers in her elegant dark updo.

As a child, Toni loved to paint and draw; she even tried her hand at animation. She has spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking with her mother Jan. As a young adult, she made intricate beadwork and patchwork fabrics, traveling and selling them at shows. Learning to make things from scratch, and understanding how things work has always been intriguing to Toni. Her interests span a variety of artistry, some of which are: knitting, crocheting, spinning fiber, embroidery, painting, beading, sewing, baking etc. She also feels a special connection sculpting clay. Working in her own unconventional way, she has been known to paint with her fingers, make her own tools (a large crochet hook being one), and use her resources to her advantage. Fashioning new ways to get the desired effect is one of her exceptional skills. Toni has a natural talent for learning new things, and she feels most at home with some yarn, knitting needles, and a new piece of knowledge to chew on. Her inquisitive nature helps keep our ideas fresh, and our references factual.


Portrait of a woman with short silver hair, wearing a lacy white blouse.

With her father having been an artist in multiple mediums, Jan was familiarized with fine arts and music at a very young age. Her grandparents presented her with her first sewing machine, at the tender age of five, when they noticed that she had been hand sewing clothing for her dolls. She has been sewing ever since!

Jan's true passion is interior design (for which she attended school), but her interests and talents go far beyond that. Following in her father's footsteps, Jan is also an artist in multiple mediums. She enjoys painting, sewing, jewelry smithing, soap making, photography and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on. Creating is an important part of her everyday life. Jan's enthusiasm, sense of humor and ever present encouragement infinitely motivates the team.


About Grey's Posy
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