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Introducing Posy Oak - A Woodland Collection -

Introducing Posy Oak - A Woodland Collection - Grey's Posy

We are so excited to be launching Posy Oak! It is a collection full of woodland creatures and botanicals, and captures the essence of autumn - our favorite season.

❀ About the Posy Oak Collection ❀

➼ Posy Oak - A Woodland Collection - is inspired by the curious findings and natural treasures that reside within the depths of serene forests and mysterious woods. This collection includes various flora and fauna, and focuses on the everlasting beauty of nature, which is especially evident throughout the charmingly somber season of autumn. We think autumn possesses the quintessential balance of life; the bittersweet of decomposition and new beginnings.

Meet the inhabitants of Posy Oak through the variety of cards, stickers, and other products in this collection.

You can view the collection gallery on our website. Also, you can visit our shop, and see what's available for purchase.

Currently, we have the first four animal designs in Posy Oak featured on handmade note cards in our shop.

The collection will evolve with the production of new items, and we will continually add new designs to Posy Oak.

Thank you for taking a look! We hope you like it!

- The Grey's Posy Team

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