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July 2015

Happy July! I can’t believe it’s here already! Today is the 4th of July; it marks the anniversary of our country’s independence. It is an important day to be sure!

Since summer solstice the days have been getting shorter, but this is not a bad thing. The days are hot, and the nights are cool and long. Everything feels so relaxed at the moment.

We really like this season, but can’t help anticipating the precursor to autumn drawing ever nearer. Autumn, to us, is the perfect season! Summer isn’t wasted on us, however. We’ve so much to do before the summer ends. We have a refreshing recipe for this month, and we can’t wait to post it!

Have fun with your friends and family, sip icy beverages, eat lots of ice cream and share the love!

The peonies (the flower pictured) look like the most beautiful fireworks!

- The Grey’s Posy Team

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