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Modern Curtains

Tube Curtain

These screen style window dressings are super cute, and really versatile. You can use one at a time, or multiples for clean looking layers. They are great for any space, and they add a non-cluttered modern edge to your windows. The instructions below show you how to mount the curtain to the cabinets on either side of a window, and what to do if your window is freestanding without cabinets.

What you will need:

One yard of material (more or less, depending on the size of your window)

Hem fusing tape (optional)


Sewing machine

Two curtain tension rods for one window; two more if you want to layer your curtains

What you need to do:

Take your width measurements including your ¼ inch seam allowance

Choose a fabric that will work for the width of the window

Square up your fabric (the ends are not always cut straight. Match up selvage edges and cut the top and bottom straight)

Sew fabric end to end, forming a tube.

Pressing the seams will give a nice finished look.

You can either use hem fusing tape or sew a hem in the sides of your curtain.

Now slip the top tension rod into the top portion of the curtain and fit it firmly between your window cabinets.

Insert the other rod in the bottom of the tube curtain. Pull downward until you get a minor amount of tension top to bottom. Pulling too much will pull the top rod out of position, or possibly down (I know this from experience).

You’ll want to measure the distance of the rod from the top of the cabinet and the distance from the front of the cabinet. This will ensure a well-balanced curtain.

And that’s it!

Stand back and admire, what looks like, a project you worked on all day!

You can achieve whatever look you desire just by changing your measurements. You’re only limited to your imagination!

Freestanding Tube Curtain

If you want to achieve the same look, but don’t have cabinets beside the window, instead of tension rods use bracket curtain rods. For the top, you will use the brackets mounted to the wall. For the bottom, save those brackets for another project. It gives a cleaner look, if you just insert a second curtain rod in the lower part of your tube. The weight of the lower rod will keep the fabric nice and straight. It kind of reminds me of a scroll, but you still get that screen like look.

Have fun and use your imagination! If you have any questions, feel free to put them in the comments section below.

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