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Welcome to the Grey's Posy Blog

Welcome to our blog!

We’re incredibly excited to share the products of our imagination, and our artistic ramblings with you.

A little bit about us:

Grey’s Posy is built on the love and creativity of three generations. Our family has always had a profound appreciation for the arts; in every sense of the word. Creativity is a way of life for us, and we can’t imagine a world without it!

We enjoy finding the magic in everyday things; the most benign, being sitting down to a craft with a cozy cup of tea.

Our goal is to produce new items, while still upholding the old-fashioned charm.

It’s important to us to maintain the balance of masculinity and femininity, and create something harmonious. It may be tailored, yet have an ethereal dreaminess to it. Having the essence of both makes for a well-rounded piece, we think.

We want to create beautiful, good quality products which can easily become heirlooms. The impact tradition has on us is a significant one. So we hope to do the same for you, and fabricate items you will appreciate, and to open a comfortable place of fondness and reminiscing.

Though we are a bit quirky, and most definitely unconventional, we’re pleased with what we do. We’re especially pleased with our most important skill: staying ever true to ourselves.

We hope you enjoy our whimsicality and our vague madness too. ;)

Welcome to our menagerie!

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