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Tassel Garland

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

DIY Mini Thread Tassel Garland Decoration

DIY Tassel Garland - Grey's Posy

This decorative tassel garland adds subtle festivity anywhere you put it. You can hang it in swags, crisscrossed, or straight across like trim. Hang it off of your mantle, or on your favorite lampshade. This garland is cute, fits in with just about any style, and most importantly, you can make it yourself quickly and easily. Let's get started!

You'll need:

  • Crochet thread -- any color

  • Embroidery floss -- any color*

  • A needle with a large eye -- such as a darning needle or a tapestry needle

  • A ruler

  • Scissors

  • String, cord, yarn, or ribbon to make up the length of the garland


What you'll need to make a thread tassel garland - Grey's Posy

The number of tassels you'll need depends on how long you're making your garland, and how far apart you're spacing them. For example, the garland pictured took 28 tassels, for 50 or so inches of garland.

Before you start making tassels, measure and cut the crochet thread into 5" and 3" sections -- one of each for every tassel you make. Measure and cut the embroidery floss into 12" sections. Separate the floss into 3 ply strands; you'll end up with two strands of three ply floss, from one 12" piece.

Making Tassels -

To make a tassel, wrap the crochet thread around the ruler 25 times, keeping the end of the thread held down with your thumb. Cut the thread from the spool, being sure to leave a little extra length to trim later.

Thread one of the 5" strands through the needle, and draw the needle between the wrapped threads and the ruler. Bring both sides of the 5" thread up to the top of the ruler, and even out the ends. Carefully slide the wrapped threads off of the ruler. Double knot the 5" thread; this creates the top of the tassel.

Making Tassels for the Garland - Grey's Posy

Hold the top of the tassel in one hand, and slide one blade of the scissors through the center of the loop. Create some tension on the loop with the scissors, make sure the scissors are centered on the loop, and snip the bottom of the loop in half. Hold all of the threads together and trim the ends, so that all of the threads are even.

Wrap a 3" strand around the trimmed threads close to the top, and double knot. Press your thumbnail into the knot to flatten it out a bit. Pull the two ends of the 3" strand down, and trim so that the ends are even with the rest of the threads. Hold all of threads in one hand and the two strings at the top in your other hand, push the threads toward the top strings to gently fluff up the top of the tassel.

Making Tassels for the Garland - Grey's Posy

Your tassel is finished, unless you decide to add some colorful embroidery floss to it -- doing this is easy:

Double knot the end of the embroidery floss around the tassel. Wrap the floss around the tassel 10 times, and one more time over you index finger, slide you finger out and use the loop to securely double knot the end of the floss. Trim the embroidery floss short.

Repeat until you've reached your desired number of tassels.

Wrapping the Tassels with Embroidery Floss - Grey's Posy

Assembling your garland -

It's best to space the tassels evenly apart, so measuring and marking your string is important. For our garland, we spaced the tassels 1 1/2" apart. The spacing depends on the look you're going for.

Measuring the Spacing for the Tassel Garland - Grey's Posy

Double knot each tassel around the garland string, then double knot around the strands at the top of the tassels for security. Trim the strings short.

Repeat until you've completed your garland.

Now you can decorate your space with the adorable new garland you just made! Yay!

This method of making tassels is quite versatile; you can try using a different gauge of thread or yarn, and use different objects to wrap the tassels around, to make different sized tassels.

You'll probably start making all kinds of tassels now. Have fun!

- The Grey's Posy Team

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