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Summertime Iced Tea Party

Summertime Iced Tea Party - Grey's Posy

Summer’s end is nearing, though we’ve still got some time left. The late months of summer are always quite soothing; with the dewy dawn, and the somber hymn of mourning doves and vocal early evening insects. With each passing day, we grow ever closer to autumn…but we’re not finished yet.

Let’s celebrate summer by having iced tea parties! Why not harness the rustic elegance of a tea party, even with temperatures soaring?

You can use china and silver plate as you would for a hot tea party. Use mismatched china for whimsicality. Brew your tea with or without sugar, and allow it to cool. Fill the teapots with ice, and pour the tea into them. Serve treats like biscuits and finger sandwiches.

Remember our egg and cress recipe? That would make a fantastic addition to your next iced tea party.

A simple placement of just cups and saucers is perfectly charming, or bring in a pretty floral arrangement and fill the table with refreshments. (You don’t need to spend a small fortune on flowers; a modest wildflower arrangement is all you need)

Summertime Iced Tea Party - Grey's Posy

The quaint frivolity of a tea party can make you and your guests feel like royalty, even if in your own backyard ;)

-The Grey's Posy Team

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