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Dianthus Posies

Dianthus Posies

There are many different species of Dianthus, all of which are equally as gorgeous in appearance. They can be simple and charming, like the five petaled Sweet William, or voluminous and frilly like the pretty Carnation.

While there isn’t much to this project, the finished product is delightful. Who doesn’t love flowers?

To make the posies we used the aforementioned flowers, Carnations and Sweet William, some of the loveliest of the genus, in our opinion. I also added some gilded twigs, which were finished with liquid gold leaf; a metallic wax would work well too. Make sure you gild the twigs in advance, so they have plenty of time to dry. Gild the twigs unevenly for a rustic look.

Start by cutting the stems about 2 ½ in. from the base of the calyx. Cut one 15 in. length of twine for each posy you make, and knot each end of the twine. Cut or break the twigs to a similar length of the whole flowers. Bundle your flowers together; two Carnations and a sprig of Sweet William with four twigs works well. Of course you can use any configuration of flowers.

Hold the bundle in the center of the cut twine. Wrap the twine around the flowers 4-5 times. For stability, weave the ends of the twine through the wrapped section in opposite directions, and double knot.

Posies are so sweet; they can be made into small arrangements, and are lovely to hand out!

I can feel spring coming, can’t you?

- The Grey’s Posy Team

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