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Heart shaped confetti

How To Make Heart Shaped Confetti

Confetti is so cute and festive, and personalized confetti is even better! You can choose any color or shape you need, to fit in perfectly with the rest of you décor.

To make confetti, you need some crepe paper and a pair of scissors (or hole punch).

Take a strip of crepe paper and fold it in half vertically, the fold will be the center point. The width of the piece should be wide enough to easily cut out half a heart. Line up the cut edge to the paper still attached to the roll and cut it free.

For me it’s easier to start at the fold and form the top of the heart first. Position the scissors on the fold, and cut up and around in a curve. Start cutting down on a diagonal line and make the bottom point of the heart meet the fold.

You can see this in the pictures below

The result should look like an irregular teardrop shape with a flat edge (this being the center fold). Unfold the lopsided teardrop, and you should have a heart!

Cut various sizes for more texture.

This is an easy way to make your own confetti. Even easier if you use your favorite hole punch!

- The Grey's Posy Team

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