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October 2015

Last month was incredibly busy for us, so we missed posting for the entire month. We'll be inserting the September posts soon. This month we have a delicious recipe for you and a neat little trick for those of you who enjoy decorating for Halloween with miniature village scenes.

October is truly one of my favorite months. I love when the air starts to feel crisp and the Corvus families move in and become more vocal. There is something slightly melencholic about the fall and somehow it makes us feel more creative. Inspiration is everywhere! From the vivid colors of the trees preparing for dormancy to the glass like orbs of water collected on a spiderweb after a morning of thick eerie fog, these unsung heroes of beauty really resonate with me. Beauty is everywhere. Even in the odd, the ugly, and the unwanted. Sometimes you just have to look from a more artistic perspective. Fall is upon us! Time to put on some Satie and get creative!


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