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August 2015

August has come, and it couldn’t be more evident! The familiar signs of summer are here again. The birds pleasantly chirp away, children play blissfully outside, and the insects form a chorus of song in the serene evenings. The heat lurks at the doors and windows, dense like a wall, rushing in with the velocity of a waterfall as soon as you open them.

There are times I can’t wait to feel the brisk air of the late year, for a cup of hot tea to accompany my lazy knitting, or for the dreary overcast sky to set the idyllic atmosphere for my every creative whim. This is when rainy days are welcomed.

When I feel this way however, I look outside to see the picturesque landscape Mother Nature creates in union with the warmth of the sun; the bountiful greenery, the charming delicacy of the flowers, bees buzzing about calmly. It’s the times like these I remember how much I do love summertime.

Last month, we picked fresh blueberries (which we employed in many baked lovelies), we picked fresh corn too… from the corn field! The corn was simply grilled and paired with its perfect companion, butter. Yes, these are sweet times. These are the days which restore youth, the days you explore more (even if just in your backyard), the days when simplicity is most natural and appreciated. Summer brings a sense of freedom, and for that I’m grateful.

-The Grey’s Posy Team

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