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Children's Shamrock Game

Children's Shamrock Game

Here's a cute activity you can do with the kids! It's a short little game similar to drawing straws. You'll make several three leafed clovers and one four leafed clover. The lucky ducky who picks the four leafed clover wins a prize!

This is what we used:

Some green card stock; wire: you can use plain green floral wire or the thread covered variety, just be aware that if you use the thread covered wire, you'll need to glue loose ends; a pair of wire cutters and a pair of needle-nosed pliers; a straight pin; a pair of craft tweezers; glue; a pair of scissors if you'll be cutting your hearts by hand (we used our cricut cutter to cut out 1 1/2 inch hearts); some green paint and a paint brush (optional); and of course, a prize of your choosing.

First, cut out your hearts. The number of hearts you'll need to cut will depend on how many finished shamrocks you'll need. At least one for each child, plus a couple extra so that everyone has a choice of which one to pick (no one wants to be left with the last shamrock!). Next, put together 3 (or 4) hearts and poke a straight pin near the pointed edge of the heart.

Cut a piece of wire the desired length and use your needle nosed pliers to make a loop at the end. We don't want anyone to get hurt with the pointy end of the wire!

Now push the uncurled end of the wire up through the hole and make a loop with your pliers so that the hearts will not come off of the wire. Turn it around to the back and do the same. Make a loop and then crimp the two loops together. We made a slight bend in the wire to make it sit more realistically on the "stem".

Use the craft tweezers to crimp the middle of the heart, making it look more like a leaf. Spread the leaves out and you have your first shamrock! At this point you can decide to glue the middle and leaves together or not. If you do not glue the leaves, they can be collapsed and it will not be immediately obvious which one has four leaves. If you want them to stay open, for a more natural appearance, glue the center wire, and put a dab of glue between the overlapping leaves. If this is the method you choose, then blindfolds could be used to make the game fair.

We think they look pretty painted to look more like the real thing. This is just a matter of personal preference!

When you've finished making all of your shamrocks, crowd them all into a pretty little container; and let the fun begin!

The lucky clover!

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